How I Work

Where are you located?

Lincoln, Nebraska

One word that best describes how you work?


What's you current setup?

Personally I own an Apple 15" MacBook Pro and an iPhone 5S. Even though I worked at Microsoft for years, I’m an Apple guy at heart. At my day job, I have a PC running Windows 10 with my own personal IBM Model M keyboard hooked up.

For note taking and information gathering I use Evernote.

For pure writing I use Byword.

As a terminal replacement I use Cathode.

For web browsers I use them all and dedicate each to personal and multiple businesses.

What do you listen to while you work?

I start the day listening to KEXP. I work in Central Standard Time, which means when I start my work day around 8:00 AM, John Richards is firing up The Morning Show on the West Coast. KEXP is my secret weapon for music discovery. I can’t say enough to convey how awesome KEXP is. I will generally listen to KEXP on and off all day. In the off times I may listen to nothing in order to reset. Or I may listen to a podcast but it has to be when I’m working on something that requires little interaction.