Just One

This is an exercise where I ask myself "If you could own just one car from a given manufacturer, what would it be?"

Here are the following parameters I’m using:


Bentley: Turbo R

I've always loved the Turbo R.


This was a tough one. I like the S62 engine. The Z8's design is great.

Jeep: Wagoneer

The original ORV/SUV/SAV from 'MURICA.

Ferrari: F40

Ah the Ferrari F40. Unoriginal? Allow me to explain when I first fell in love with the F40, long before it was the bandwagon pick it is today. It was the original test review in (magazine) circa 1991.

Lincoln: Continental

Suicide doors.

Lotus: Esprit

I love the distinctive wedge shape of the original Esprit.