Worth Sharing #38

May 26, 2017

Happy Friday. I had planned to give initial impressions on my new Apple Watch but I managed to crack the screen in under a week. It’s off being repaired now.

Dev Series #1

I recently published Dev Series #1 which details some Rake best practices I found while picking it up over the last month.


I’ve been using Atom as my main Ruby editor and it’s great. Extensibility through packages, cross-platform support, and built by GitHub. In the back of my mind I want to try Emacs but for now I’m sticking with Atom.

Atom has one of the best product introduction videos ever: YouTube


What I’m watching —

On a whim I recently watched Silicon Cowboys (IMDB Amazon) which details the birth of Compaq and its meteoric rise during the ‘80s. I had no idea Halt and Catch Fire was largely based on Compaq. Both are highly recommended.