Worth Sharing #36

March 31, 2017

Your Life In Weeks

While some find it exhausting thinking about their own death, I find it empowering. Your Life In Weeks from Wait But Why is one such powerful way of looking at just how short our lives are.

Don’t miss the followup The Tail End.


What I’m reading —

I picked up So Good They Can’t Ignore You (Amazon) from my local library. Written by Cal Newport, he sets out to debunk the common advice “just follow your passion” and instead arrives at building your skills in any given field through deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is solely focusing on improving specific aspects of one’s ability. This falls right in line with my thinking of hard work with a constant eye on improvement yields results. It’s been an easy read thus far. Recommended.

What I’m eyeing —

Office Christmas Party (Wikipedia IMDB Amazon) looks hilarious.

I recommend watching trailer #2. Trailer #1 is uninspiring and an example of how crucial editing is.