Worth Sharing #19

August 1, 2016

The Video Game Critic

I don’t play video games much anymore but I still enjoy looking in from time to time on The Video Game Critic. I love the reviews because they are succinct — they tell you the good, bad, and interesting bits and nothing more. New reviews are posted regularly so there’s always something to come back for.


What I’m watching —

I watched the latest Bourne film — Jason Bourne (Wikipedia IMDB Amazon) — on its opening weekend. I hate to be excessively critical or enthusiastic after one viewing but it was probably the weakest offering in the series. To be clear, I enjoyed it. It was Bourne, a storyline I enjoy, and the plot stuck to the proven formula. But I wholeheartedly agree with the repeated criticism cited in review after review: the cinematography was bad. The frame was too close far too often (basically the entire time) and the camera movement was jerky. If you like the Bourne series, you’ll want to watch Jason Bourne. Otherwise I’d recommend passing.