Worth Sharing #15

July 4, 2016

It’s the Fourth of July here in the United States. Enjoy it by watching the aptly-named Independence Day (Wikipedia IMDB Amazon), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

On Top Of One’s Game

We all have an innate desire to push a rock up a hill, and I felt I had pushed the rock up to the top of the hill, to beat that analogy to death.

—Gary Larson on why he quit The Far Side

I did not want Calvin and Hobbes to coast into halfhearted repetition, as so many long-running strips do.

—Bill Watterson on why he quit Calvin and Hobbes

I find stories of people quitting the very things they are great at, the things that brought them success, completely fascinating. The ability to know oneself, to know you’ve crested the top and are on the descent, is a skill and character trait not all have.

Let’s Enhance

With the right equipment, the image can be enlarged and sharpened.

I can’t stop watching Let’s Enhance — a great mashup of popular media’s ridiculous assumption an image can be infinitely enhanced to show more detail. I found this gem in Typeset In The Future’s analysis of Blade Runner, which I mentioned in newsletter #14.


What I’m listening to —

I don’t recall exactly how I ran across Floral Shoppe but I can’t stop listening to it (リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー in particular). I can’t explain what the music genre vaporwave is — at first I confused it with vaporware - but one doesn’t need to understand something to enjoy it. I bought the album on Bandcamp. See all of my Bandcamp purchases over on my /patron page.

What I’m watching —

I’m rewatching the entire series of Downton Abbey (Wikipedia IMDB Amazon). I’d say it’s a guilty pleasure, but like Dave Grohl, I don’t believe in them.