Worth Sharing #11

June 6, 2016

Washing Your Jeans Update

Back in newsletter #3 I mentioned the fact I rarely wash my jeans. An important distinction I initially failed to notice is raw versus pre-washed denim. As it turns out, my lazy method of washing infrequently using a cold machine cycle is exactly the prescription for pre-washed denim. For raw denim, it’s best to hand wash. For the specifics, watch How To Look After Your Jeans by Michael Williams for MR PORTER or read up on Michael’s method here and here.

Muhammad Ali

I’ve been reviewing Muhammad Ali’s life after his recent passing. I found this article from The New York Times compelling and comprehensive. The video is well worth watching.

Some outside-the-mainstream information about Muhammad Ali you might find interesting:

Mark Kozelek

One of my favorite musicians, Mark Kozelek, is a huge boxing fan.

Muhammad Ali. People always ask me “if there is a person you could meet, who you've never met before, who would it be?” The answer was always “Muhammad Ali.” You were, and will always be, the greatest. Bowie inspired me to sing, Jimmy Page inspired me to play guitar, and you inspired me to be me.

—Mark Kozelek on sunkilmoon.com

Mark regularly incorporates boxing references into his songs.

Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston.

—Glenn Tipton by Sun Kil Moon


And me and my friends went to see Ali/Spinks 2 at the ’dome
Walked back to someone’s house so excited about the fight of the decade, New Orleans

Ali/Spinks 2 by Sun Kil Moon

Antonio Inoki

Almost 40 years ago on June 26, 1976, Muhammad Ali fought Antonio Inoki, a Japanese professional wrestler in Tokyo, Japan. As is often the case, true life is way more interesting than fiction and everything about this matchup is ridiculous.

“It was terrible, it was embarrassing. But Ali is bleeding from the legs. He gets an infection in his legs; almost has to have an amputation. Not only the [Ken] Norton fight would've been not happening, but Ali could've been a cripple for the rest of his life.”

—Bob Arum, ‘The forgotten story of … Muhammad Ali v Antonio Inoki’ by The Guardian

Mike Tyson

Muhammad Ali’s boxing days were well before my time but growing up I remember the brutality of Mike Tyson. Reading this hypothetical Mike Tyson Vs. Muhammad Ali from Bleacher Report certainly put things in perspective.