Worth Sharing #10

May 30, 2016

Weekly Car Crush: Third-Generation Suzuki Alto Works

The Suzuki Alto is a kei car, which is a class of car sold in Japan that’s legally limited to 63 hp. Not terribly interesting on the surface. But the Works variants are right at that limit and the RS/X (front-wheel drive) and RS/R (all-wheel drive) look the part. I particularly like the 1990 and 1991 third-generation RX/R. I’d hunt down a Honda City II Turbo before one of these but it’s still fun to think about ripping the engine to its 9k RPM limit.

Some Bring a Trailer listings to explore: 1990 Suzuki Alto Works RS/X, 1990 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R.

Another triple-turbo kei car at Bring a Trailer: 1990 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX.

The Best Keyboard Ever Made: IBM’s Model M

Sometimes a near-perfect design is created, sets the standard, and stands the test of time. Such is the case with IBM’s Model M keyboard. Many, including myself, consider it the best keyboard ever made.

IBM wanted something more than merely acceptable. In the early ’80s the company had assembled a 10-person task force to build a better keyboard, informed by experts and users.


Maybe more importantly, typing on the Model M is a special, tangible experience. Much like on a typewriter, the sharp click gives every letter a physical presence.

King of click: the story of the greatest keyboard ever made from The Verge

I bought my one and only Model M back in 2007 to use with, ironically, my first Mac (a Mac mini). Rather than buy a used or NOS (new old stock) Model M and use a USB adapter, I bought a Model M with USB from Unicomp (UB4044A).

For starters, the sound. This thing is loud, which really makes me feel like I’m getting serious work done when typing.

Why I use a 20-year-old IBM Model M keyboard from Ars Technica

The Model M is a tank and it’s incredibly satisfying to type on. The tactile feedback can’t be beat.

There is one other keyboard in contention for GOAT: the Apple Extended Keyboard II. I’ve never tried one. Until I do, the IBM Model M is the best keyboard I’ve ever used.