Letters To My Daughter

‘Letters To My Daughter’ is a collection of essays I’ve written for my daughter. They cover a variety of topics with one common theme: they are written for her and they come solely from me, her father.

I first came up with idea for these ‘letters’ several years ago when she was very young. I wanted to pass on some of the experiences and lessons I have gathered in my life but she was too young to hear such things. Even now, though older, she is still too young to fully grasp them.

In a way, these letters are as much for me as they are for her. They force me to sort my thoughts and hone in on what’s important to pass on to her. By the time she can read and comprehend these essays I should have already instilled the values and beliefs in her I feel are important. At that point these essays will only serve to reinforce those values and beliefs. But if they are not inline with what I am and what I do, they will be pointless and ignored.

To anyone else who reads these, I hope they bring you some value. I’ve posted them publicly because being a great father to her is the most important thing in my life and one I am unashamed to share.

Below is the list of the letters, ordered by the date in which they were published.

Originally published December 27th, 2013