Who Is Shawn Baden?

I could like so many others rattle off a long list of hobbies and interests I have but I’d rather cut straight to the chase. I’d rather tell you about who I am at my core. What makes me tick. Everything else is just fluff. (Did I mention I’m a pretty private guy?)

I love my family. I grew up in a tight-knit family with a great deal of love, care, and concern provided and I feel it’s my duty to do the same for my daughter. You can read more into my thoughts as a father in ‘Letters To My Daughter.’

My other love is cars. Sure I’m interested in other things so why cars above others? Simple. I can talk pretty much an unlimited time about cars with unwavering interest.

And to satiate those wondering about my professional life I’ll throw out some relevant information about that.

From early 2001 to late 2007 I worked as a software tester at Microsoft. It was truly a fantastic experience. I learned how large-scale software was built and (obviously) tested and numerous other things. Those are stories for other times.

In late 2006 my daughter was born. After the dust had settled, it became clear to me and my wife our desire for her to know her grandparents was greater than staying in Seattle. So after six and a half years I left Microsoft and my family and I moved back to Nebraska.

Software testing huh? I have a neverending source of curiosity as well. So I experiment.

Read about what I’m focused on right now or contact me.

P.S. I don't blog.