R.I.P. Buckley

I wrote this the night my dog Buckley died (September 22, 2014).

He was a gentle, loving soul. I'll miss him.

a simple look in his eyes
laying up against my thigh
jumping scared when a door slams shut
little bits like these, I’m gonna miss him so much

he started out with a really hard life
pent up in a crate that messed up his eyes
but he was saved, he was rescued
and we picked him up at a local Petco

I’m really gonna miss him so
even though he loved my mom much more
than me, but hey that’s OK
he’s peeing on God’s white floor, not ours

hell he didn’t know
that fuckin’ car wouldn’t slow
hit him and ended it for him
I hope he went to heaven right so

he was a good white dog
perhaps a little slow upstairs
but he lacked any hefty cares
now he’s off to rest, eternally, he certainly deserves that

I can’t help this strong love for him
it’s just my being, it’s who I am
I’m not shamed of these feelings I show
this love for Buckley who I can no longer hold

I’ll always remember my dog Buckley
white, cuddly, full of loving
a truly gentle soul, an angel puppy
now he’s resting his chin, keeping my grandpa company

and that makes me smile

R.I.P. Buckley

Originally published September 23, 2014 Last revised September 30, 2014